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  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Learn the basics
    • The basics- grip, aiming & trigger press
    • Accessories- how to carry concealed and open carry
    • Concealed & Carry Fundamentals- how to access your firearm
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    Gold Membership

    Every month
    Ideal for advanced trainers
    • All the benefits of Silver
    • Shooting positions- it's not as simple as range shooting
    • Shooting up & close- most encounters occur 'in your face'
    • Fighting Fitness- the fitness you need for success
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    Every month
    Perfect for committed protector- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    • All the benefits of Silver
    • All the benefits of Gold
    • Advanced training- test your skills- shoot or not to shoot
    • Advanced training- what to do if you are attacked
    • Advanced fitness- combine fitness and firearms training