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About Patriots Pathway

Get to know us

We are a family-based business founded on the principles of Faith, Family & the Constitution. 

We strive to provide a safe, efficient, effective means of acquiring the skills required to be the best American you can be. 

Patriots Pathway

Certified Firearms Instructor& Krav Maga Instructor

As a professional educator I understand that time is a precious commodity.

We are all limited by time and money.

Therefore, it is our goal to provide information and skills in a timely fashion. The learning experience is conducted in a safe, fun and efficient fashion. With nearly 30 years in medical practice as both an educator and practitioner, Dr. Philip understands the complexities of learning and tailors your learning to your desired goals.

Having worked and trained local police, military, and the common man alike he understands that we each have a unique ability to learn, grow and improve.

We all have goals, and it is an honor to assist you in surpassing these goals.

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