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Psilocybe mexicana's high, slim stature and its nipple-like cap appears like a great deal Liberty caps aka Psilocybe semilanceata; therefore, it is typically referred to as the Mexican Liberty Cap. Both varieties have affinities for similar environments and also grow a sclerotia that can also be consumed. Psilocybe authority Stamets says Psilocybe Mexicana is to subtropical meadow what P. semilanceata is to temperate grassland.This extremely unique magic mushroom pressure is amongst the shamanic fungis eaten 2 thousand years ago in sacred events by the Aztecs. They were consumed fresh or dried out, mixed in honey or served with chocolate.The numerous charming epithets P. mexicana has all reverberate with its little size, transformative and wondrous nature: Angelitos (babies), Chamaquitos (the youngsters), Pajaritos (little birds) or Nizé (little birds in Nahuatl). It seems this strain inspires both young people and reason, something light, something deep: like an old heart in a kid's body.Said to have a moderate to high strength comparable to the Allen strain as well as psilocybe mexicana is a popular option for those seeking spiritual or recreational experiences. P. mexicana's mycelium and also sclerotia have psilocybin, though less powerful than fruiting body. It is claimed to have a comparable effectiveness to P. samuiensis and P. atlantis.To now, the Mazatec indigenous people still take in P. mexicana for ritualistic as well as spiritual usage. They think it has the power to change our mind by opening as well as raising it to one more kind of consciousness.


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