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G13 Haze expands tool brief as well as small for a Sativa-dominant stress, and also is suitable for SOG and ScrOG gardens. Not just does G13 Haze use excellent, healthy and balanced returns as well as a high THC level, the smoke is worth savoring. The intense aromas as well as flavors of fruit and flavor result in powerful, analytical effects.The G13 Haze offer healthy and balanced yields and also the intense aromas as well as flavours of fruit and spice result in effective, analytical impacts, as well as make the smoke worth savouring. G13 Haze by Barney's Farm is a feminized cannabis seed that has its beginnings in the cross of the legendary G13 and also a Hawaiian Sativa. It is a medium-sized tough cannabis plant that produces plants with plenty of huge portable buds covered in resin.The flavour as well as scent of G13 Haze are obvious and fruity, with a sour taste and also hints of Haze and also seasonings. It provides a powerful, cerebral as well as stimulating Sativa-like can access our option of over 3,000 cannabis seeds. Do not neglect to use our innovative filters to assist you locate stress with greater or lower THC degrees, with faster blooming cycles and also of differing sizes depending on your expand's needs.It is believed that it was developed originally for medical functions. Unlike its moms and dad, G13 Haze is a bit milder since it was crossed with the Sativa-based Haze to reduce the effects of the sedative effects G13 had on the individuals eating it. G13 Haze was likewise created to lower the potency of G13 without losing its high quality effects.With a high, uplifting experience that will certainly alert your mind and a hefty body high that will make you feel like you're strolling on clouds, g13 haze is the ideal choice for decreasing anxiousness, pain, as well as stress. Covering itself around sandalwood as well as fruity notes, G13 Haze develops a delighted, unwinded and euphoric sensation. It likewise has an earthy and also yearn scent, however its scent isn't particularly pungent and even noticeable.So, despite if the rumors of its parent hold true, G13 Haze is an outstanding stress that is to be delighted in with caution.


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